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Adaptogens — Siberian Stress Saviours

Reading time: 6 minutes

Mental and physical stress are unavoidable consequences of life which humans have been locked in battle with for as long as we have been around. Throughout the ages, every culture has found unique ways to reduce their effects in an attempt to make daily life more pleasurable.

Which Fats Can I Still Trust?

Reading time: 5 minutes

Having introduced our misunderstood friends, fats, we are in a better position to further discuss these essential molecules. We have established that the world has been misguided as to how to implement them into healthy diets, but let’s delve deeper into the different types of fat.


Dysfunctional Sex and Depression

Reading time: 5 minutes

One billion people worldwide are suspected of having a vitamin D deficiency. Healthy amounts of vitamin D have been shown to prevent depression and other mood disorders, as well as contributing to the upkeep of a healthy hormonal profile.

Top 6 Siberian Adaptogens

Reading time: 6 minutes

While all adaptogens carry beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, each individual species of plant carries its own unique gift. Let’s take a look at some of the most wonderful benefits mother nature has hidden in these wonder-plants.

Do You Know What You’re Drinking?

Reading time: 5 minutes

Seemingly forever, people from all over the world have been locked in discussion over water. What is in my water? How much water do I need? Opinions vary far and wide on the subject. I am going to put your mind at ease by going through the essential rules for enjoying the world’s most popular drink!

Fat — The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Reading time: 5 minutes

For decades, fat has been portrayed as the ultimate villain of optimal nutrition. We have been conditioned to associate  „fat“ with all aspects of bad dieting habits. It’s a shame that this is a gross misconception. It is time for us to challenge this skewed view of fats.

IONS — Should we be so negative?

Reading time: 4 minutes

Many of us have walked past a „New Age“ store on our way to work, our peripheral vision bombarded with various machines, jewellery and stones which promise to permeate your home and life with healing energy. Now, as appealing as this sounds, I’m sure the majority of us dismiss these contraptions as slick feats of marketing and move on with our day, unwilling to open our minds to something new, afraid of novel discovery. Let’s put to rest the stories of peddlers of magic crystals and examine the facts, the science behind ions.

Water — Get with the Flow

Reading time: 5 minutes

As you are already aware from our previous article, the world’s tap water is in a terrible state. We have discussed some of the issues around purposeful contamination of water and will now go further to provide some answers about accidental contamination, the debate over tap vs bottled water and finally shed some light on home water filtration systems- are they life-savers or expensive scams?